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by Aphir

Patience 04:44
Flowers bloomed beneath my skin when you brushed past me. Your attention made my heart sore with hope. I remember when your image first appeared on the walls of my mind, first dimly, then clearly defined. Like a kiss on my eyelids, you sealed my sight and opened up my mind. I’m only safe inside the fragile house of words that you built for me. Overtime you left my thoughts, took form grew clearer. Harsh reality made quick work of your virtue. It was my mind you loved me for – or was that in my mind you loved me? I’m not sure But, like a kiss on my eyelids, you sealed my sight and opened up my mind While all my senses slept sound and safely, for you were so lovely but, at last, so unkind.
Temperance 03:01
Take me out walking away from here, I can do no wrong when I’m with you. How clever I am to have chosen you as my place to rest. I poured through your memories with clumsy hands, Saw you kneel before nails and dance upon pins. How fragile belief but much more so affection, I left you with less than a word. But how’d you make your little life so apparent in your eyes? Nothing less pure than full innocence could make its quaint home in your mind. I took you to tea once I cared for you less – you’re still not the brightest I’ve met. And I told you sincerely “now, don’t let them hurt you”, as though I’d not done so myself. We’ll have nothing in common till I’m overcome with self-control. We have nothing in common at all.
Long Shadow 03:08
In the dark, he pulled me apart, and you are his long shadow. If only you could unhook yourself where your dark feet are linked into his solid. We have lived in the sunshine, but we have both slipped outside its warmth from time to time. I have made you doubt yourself and you have made me wonder if I only exist to be eclipsed, for you are true and real and free and I am just your shadow. So won’t you cast me out in the afternoon sun? The only time I get to stretch my legs is when you run, so run from our shared hurt, run till the evening falls and I disappear once more. A day will come when I cease to be merely your long shadow. I’ll unhook my dark feet and follow the road that leads into the sun.
Fireflower 03:46
What was Fermat’s feeling, does anybody know? And, before they ate the fruit, did Adam and Eve, well, you know? Don’t let me talk too fast lest all my questions evaporate in the friction between my tongue and my teeth, oh your thoughts wreath round you like flames. And I think back to before I knew you, when I thought I knew it all, thought I knew everything. Could God write a comic book so long and complex that even he couldn’t read till the end? When was the world born, and did anyone celebrate at all? I’ll just keep doubting and doubting my doubts, but if you’re there with me I know I’ll be happier. And I think back to when I chose to love you, When I knew I would choose you every day. So we took our ill gained knowledge and planted it in the fire of sin, look what grew! Fireflower, fireflower.



released November 3, 2013

Written & composed, performed & produced by Becki Whitton.


all rights reserved



Alternate Audio Austria

Independent label for quality wayward underground music. Based in Austria.


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